11 Places to Visit in Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil

From January, 16 to January, 23, 2018, I visited Porto Velho, the capital of Rondônia, and now I list some nice things I have done there 😉

1- Palácio Getúlio Vargas.


It used to be the government building that should be a museum about the history of Rondônia now. When I arrived there, it seemed to be empty and closed, but one of the man that was working there took me to a room where there is a collection of documents and the two guys who work there told me the history of the city. There was also an interesting exhibition by a local artist called Rita Queiroz.

2- Praça das Três Caixas d’Água.


It is a square where there are three water towers. It is quite abandoned, but it is a touristic spot because of the historical importance of the water towers that were very useful when the city was born.

3- Mercado Central.


It is always nice to know the city markets. The one in Porto Velho sells local products and natural medicines. The breakfast is delicious and you can taste local food such as banana porridge, tapioca and other things.

4- Dullim.


It is an ice cream shop. You can try fruit flavours, my favorite was cupuaçu.

5- Brownie Bros.


It is a coffee house that sells brownies. They are gorgeous and you want to buy all of them. It is one of those places where I like to spend time with a cup of coffee and my kindle.

6- Mercado do 1.

It is a good place to by fruits and frozen fruits.

7- Espaço Alternativo.


Every day, at 5 p.m., they close the street that takes to the airport and people go there to walk. There is also a train replica and you can take pictures.

8- Recanto do Tambaqui.


It is a restaurant where you pay R$ 40,00 and can eat lots of fishes: fried dourado, grilled tambaqui and stew fish.

9- Boat tour, fair and train track.


You can take a tour throughout Madeira river. People say you can see botos (animals like dolphins), but I didn’t see any. In front of the place you tahe the boat, there is a nice fair where you can buy gifts, and if you walk some more meters you will see the train track and can take a picture inside a train.

10- Memorial Rondon.


This is a nice museum about marshal Rondon. Near the museum, there is Santo Antônio chapel, that was the first chapel in Porto Velho. There is also a small monument that signs the point where there was the border between Amazonas and Mato Grosso before Rondônia was created.

11- Guajará-Mirim.


It is a 6-hour bus trip away from Porto Velho and it bordes Bolivia. I went there because I have a friend who lived there for some years and told me to visit the city. I stayed at Hotel Pakaas, which was built among the trees and its swimming pool is in front of the rivers Mamoré and Pacaás. Everything is expensive: transportation between city and hotel, stay and food at hotel (there is no restaurants nearby), but it is a unique experience and the view of you room is nice. In Guajará-Mirim, you can take a boat and cross to Bolivia, to the city Guayaramerín. There are lots of stores where you can buy things. Back to Brazilian side, you can find a small museum with the history of Madeira-Mamoré train track. I also visited the cathedral.

These were my indications. For sure, I did not mention lots of places, but maybe I can come back one day and update this post. To finish this text, I want to say that Porto Velho is not a very beautiful city, but it was nice to visit it. If I go to Rondonia again, I would like to visit some other city, because people told me that they are more beautiful and have more things to do than at the capital. Anyway, Porto Velho was a special city for me because it was my first time at North in Brazil and people from there are lovely and kind.

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