15 Places to Visit in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil

From December, 02 to December, 11, 2017, I visited Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, and now I list some nice things I have done there 😉

1- Visiting Casa do Artesão and Sesc Arsenal.


I am going to start saying that you can visit every Sesc place because it is worth. They take care of every place they are in charge of: museum, restaurants and buildings. Casa do Artesão has handicraft, local food and exhibitions. It is for free. On Thursdays, at Sesc Arsenal, there is bolicho, a fair with handicraft, local products and food. There are also music and artistic presentations.

2- Walking through the shore.


There is also an aquarium there, but it was closed when I was there (I’m not sure if it is opened now). The shore is beautiful and you can take nice pictures. There is a part where they built facades simulating Cuiabá and the inside there are panels telling the history of the city. It is better to go on weekends because the restaurants open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

3- Eating a beef sfiha at Fabico Lanches.


According to my host, it is the best sfiha of the city. Besides the sfiha, I also tried fried and baked cheese loaf and it was really good.

4- Downtown.


As many downtowns in Brazil, Cuiabá downtown is careless. Cathedral is beautiful and the building next to it (Palácio da Instrução) is also nice. The other museums were all closed and I can’t say anything about them.

5- Watching the “dance of waters” at Parque das Águas.


The Parque das Águas is really nice. People go there to walk and watch the dance of waters, which is a presentation with lights, water and music. When I was there, there was one at 8 p.m. and another one at 9:30 p.m. At the park, there is a corridor with a water arc and you can pass through it without being wet, if there is no wind.

6- Visiting UFMT.


The university is at a large place. There are a zoo and two museums there. They are small but interesting.

7- Eating fish at the shore of Coxipó river.


There are lots os restaurants, choose one and eat ventrecha de pacu. It is really good. And try the farofa de banana, which is one of my favorite foods.

8- Visiting Louvada Brewery.


This is a tip to people who really like beer. You can do a guided tour for free. The brewmaster is really nice. When I was there, they were making their fist longneck and I was one of the first client to try this new format. There is a store and you can buy beer and gifts.

9- Going to Parque Tia Nair.


It is a small and beautiful park with giant fishes.

10- Taking a picture at South America geodesic center.


Did you know that the certer of South America is at Cuiabá? There is an obelisc there and you can take a picture.

11-Visiting Museu do Morro da Caixa d’água.


It is close to the geodesic center and it was a water reservoir. You can see how the water was distributed to the city.

12- Taking an ice cream at Nevaska.


This is a tradicional ice cream shop in Cuiabá. It is good and you can try different flavours.

13- Going to Parque da Mãe Bonifácia.


I think it is the biggest park in the city. It is where there was a quilombo and mother Bonifácia was a slave that helped other slaves that had escaped to hide there. The park is big and there are some maps through the path.

14- Going at night to Praça da Mandioca, eating an escaldado at Chopão and a rice cake made by Eulália.


The Praça da Mandioca is the place where people meet at night. It is a square where there is a bar. So you go to the right streed and there are lots of people and lots of bars in the old houses. After drinking, go to Chopão and take an escaldado, whick is a chicken soup with eggs. Finish your night at Eulalia’s where you can eat a rice cake.

15- Eating a chipa at Dona Chipa.


Chipa is like a bread cheese, mybe with a different polvilho, I don’t know the difference. Anyway, it is really delicious, both, the simple and the one with goiabada.

These were my indications. For sure, I did not mention lots of places, but maybe I can come back one day and update this post. To finish this text, I want to say Cuiabá does not have lots os attractions, but it is the place where you can eat a super delicious banana farofa (and other foods)! Besides eating fish and banana farofa, it is nice to take a picture at the center of South America.

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