8 Places to Visit in Pirenopolis, Goiás, Brazil

From November, 20 to November, 21, 2017, I visited Pirenópolis, a small and lovely city between Brasilia and Goiania, and now I list some nice things I have done there 😉

1- Eating any dish that contains pequi.

As soon as I arrived at the city, I went to have lunch in a buffet restaurant and there was pequi. I proved it cooked alone, but I do not recommend you do the same. I think, for the first time, it is better to prove it in a dish, such as arroz com pequi (rice and pequi).

2- Going to Museu do Divino.


This is a museum about Festa do Divino, a religious event very popular at Piri. It costs R$ 2,00 and it is very small, but interesting.

3- Having dinner at Rua do Lazer.


It is a street with lots of restaurants and bars. It is nice to walk, take a look at the menus and choose one of them.

4- Going to the waterfalls.


If you go with some friends, it is worth to rent a car because the waterfalls are not near the city. If you are alone, it is better to go on weekends, because if you go on Mondays and Tuesdays, as I did, the tour is going to be quite expensive just for one person. I went to two waterfalls: Lázaro and Santa Maria. To arrive at Lázado, you have to walk some meters, but the track is easy. Santa Maria is 200 meters from where you park the car and it seems a pool. Just remember the water is really cold!

5- Climbing the Monte dos Pirineus.


It is kind of abandoned, but the view from there is beautiful. It is a 1200 meters climbing.

6- Eating at Tempero do Rosário restaurant.

The food is good, but the nice thing to do is talking to the owners. They are very nice people.

7- Visiting Igreja da Matriz and the small museum inside it.


At this small and historical cities, you always visit churches. The principal church is beautiful and the museum shows its history including the three times the church was on fire and was restored.

8- Going to Santa Dica.


If you like good beer, you must visit this place. It is a brewery and on weekends it is also a bar. I also found out that there is Piri Beer, a beer event. So, maybe you can go during this festival to enjoy local beer.

These were my indications. For sure, I did not mention lots of places, but maybe I can come back one day and update this post. To finish this text, I want to say that my first day at Piri was not the best one, I was kind of bored, but the second one, when I talked to lots of people, was lovely! I want to go back there and visit other waterfalls.

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