16 Places to Visit in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

From January, 24 to February, 04, 2018, I visited Rio Branco, the capital of Acre, and now I list some nice things I have done there 😉

1- Palácio do Governo (Central Government Complex).


There is a nice museum there and a guided tour in which you will listen to the history of Acre and people who worked with rubber trees.

2- Public Library.


It is beautiful and has a great collection, including a room full of comic books and magazines.

3- Gameleira.


It is the shore of Acre River and it has this name because of the trees that are called gameleiras. It is a lovely spot of the city where you can appreciate the sunset.

4- Universidade Federal do Acre (UFAC) (Federal University of Acre).


It is beautiful, big and full of trees. There is a lake where you can make a picnic and see capybaras, giant fishes and small crocodiles.

5- Horto Florestal.


This is a nice park to walk and there are small tracks.

6- Mata Nativa.

It is a restaurant that serves local delicious food. I ate the moqueca and I highly recommend.

7- Casa Mapinguari.


This is a place where there is an artist who makes sculptures of Brazilian folklore. The art is beautiful and you can take nice pictures and ask the artist about the legends. It is an interesting tour.

8- Quixadá.


This was the set of a Brazilian miniserie called Amazônia. You can visit it and see the houses, visit a small museum with clothes, furniture and pictures. There is also a restaurant, lots of mosquitos and a belvedere.

9- Maria Farinha.


This is a big space with restaurant, playground for children, games and bowling. It is nice, especially to celebrate or gather lots of people. The meat is good and you car order a beer in a copo sujo (dirty glass), which is lemon, ice and salt (in Goiás it is called cozumel).

10- Chaumas.

This is an ice-cream shop that sells delicious popsicles. Try the graviola one, it is really delicious.

11- Biblioteca da Floresta.


Although it is called Library, it is more like a museum. There is a guided tour, exhibitions, the story of Chico Mendes and pictures of all 22 cities of Acre State.

12- Parque Chico Mendes.


This is a park where you can walk and see some animal, like a minizoo.

13- Cantinho Lanche do Pastor.


My hostress took me to try the saltenha, a food similar to a fogazza that can be prepared fried or baked. The traditional filling is made of chicked, but there are some local ones, like tucupi and jambu.

14- Xapuri.


This city is famous because some known people like Chico Mendes, Marina Silva and Gloria Peres were born there. There is Chico Mendes’ house and a historical center.

15- Brasileia and Cobija.


Acre also borders on Bolivia. When I was there, I went to Brasileia with the family that were my host. We left the car in Brasileia and crossed the bridge to Cobija on foot. It is like the other Bolivian cities: lots of stores.

16- Tasting baixaria.


This is the typical breakfast in Acre. It is cuscuz (that is called corn bread in Rio Branco), meat and fried egg. It is delicious.

These were my indications. For sure, I did not mention lots of places, but maybe I can come back one day and update this post. To finish this text, I want to say Acre is a nice place. Rio Branco is a lovely city and there are nice things to do there and good food to try; they even say that the best meat and the best farofa are produced in Acre and, the foods that I tried were really delicious.

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